Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Drawing Club!

Two of the many drawings I did at The Drawing Club a few weeks back. These were the best though.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Huntington Garden

A trip to Huntington Gardens. Didn't have too long to sketch, an accident on the 101 made a 30 minute trip an hour plus. However, I did get in 2 sketches at the Chinese Garden and a quickie at the Japanese Garden.

LA Zoo Sketch Trip

We really had to chase the zebras around their composure to finally get an angle where they weren't behind a wall or a bush was in the way. The zoo keeper kept leading them away for feeding too.  The rams however, were just relaxing. Easy.
We always pass by the lizard cages -- they never move. They could be taxidermied lizards for all I know.
Roughly two years later, it's the first time Cameron and I sketched at the LA Zoo since the below sketches. The flamingo park is right at the entrance and there's so many all doing the same things, they're great for sketching.
Finally, some time to upload some life sketches I did at the LA Zoo from about two years ago with a couple of friends.