Saturday, June 11, 2011

Zion/Moab Vacation Paintings 2011 - the rest.

"Deadhorse Point State Park." It's no Grand Canyon, but awe-inspiring none-the-less. And that wraps it up. Our last painting was at sunset. We managed to do about two paintings a day, every day, except for ATV day, and found an increasingly epic sight every day until the end. I would go again.

"Delicate Arch."
Just to the left of the "Double Arches."
Behind the "Windows."

After Zion, we drove to Moab. Somehow, it's dryer there. I had to spray my watercolor palette about every minute, and even then, the paint was still waxy and hard to work with. Whereas, I was able to paint about 1 painting per hour in Zion, the combination of heat, dryness, and wind caused me to take twice as long in Moab. The elements humbled me.

Zion/Moab Vacation Paintings 2011 - a few more.

The Patriarchs as the sun set.

More Zion!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Zion/Moab Vacation Paintings 2011

View from the road.
View from the road.
Behind the Pioneer Lodge (our hotel).
Emerald Pools.
Emerald Pools.
Just got back from another epic adventure with the Sunday Painting Posse! Instead of the usual Sunday outting, we took a week to go to Utah and paint the national parks of Zion and Moab. Since we were going to be doing tons of hiking and backpacking, I'm afraid I chickened out of bringing my oils, and settled for my watercolor and gouache sketchbook. Here's a bit of Zion!