Saturday, June 11, 2011

Zion/Moab Vacation Paintings 2011 - the rest.

"Deadhorse Point State Park." It's no Grand Canyon, but awe-inspiring none-the-less. And that wraps it up. Our last painting was at sunset. We managed to do about two paintings a day, every day, except for ATV day, and found an increasingly epic sight every day until the end. I would go again.

"Delicate Arch."
Just to the left of the "Double Arches."
Behind the "Windows."

After Zion, we drove to Moab. Somehow, it's dryer there. I had to spray my watercolor palette about every minute, and even then, the paint was still waxy and hard to work with. Whereas, I was able to paint about 1 painting per hour in Zion, the combination of heat, dryness, and wind caused me to take twice as long in Moab. The elements humbled me.

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