Saturday, February 8, 2014

Color keys! for UP.

I took 25 days (almost in a row) this past December to try and build up my speed and color/light understanding. I took 30 minutes each night to create one color study from UP. I chose the beginning sequence since it's basically a contained short film on it's own with a beginning, middle, and end. To make sure I stayed speedy and really focused on identifying color, I only used one kind of scraggly brush and tried not to use the eyedropper tool at all. It's become such a part of my workflow, I confess I did eye drop over the course of these paintings, but I only slipped a few times. It feels very excercisy, but I learned so much about the color decisions that went into these sequences, and perhaps even more importantly, I often found myself noticing differences in the way scenes are light and colors are chosen compared to my when I do my own work. This is definitely the best way to walk a mile in another artist's shoes.

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