Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Amazing Spiderman 2 video game trailer - pitch 02

The Amazing Spiderman 2 video game

Trailer Pitch Numero Dos

The first trailer stressed Peter's personal struggle against overwhelming odds and the choice to be a hero even if it meant his life. The second trailer was more Peter Parker the sleuth, just trying to uncover the mysteries of Oscorp and discover the mysterious circumstances surrounding his parents' disappearance. You can see the thumbs I'd developed below were meant for a much longer, more involved sequence, but as I mentioned in the last post, eventually we got the time limit for the trailer and we needed to make some adjustments to fit in a 30 second window.

Focus in on the Manhattan skyline reflected in the windows of Oscorp.

Peter rifling through some files in a corporate office.

 Peter taking iPhone pics left and right of confidential info.

Alerted to Peter's presence, the Rhino breaks through a wall and a battle ensues. 

 Peter runs out of the office.

  The Green Goblin is waiting outside the offices and sprays the floor with bullets and pumpkin bombs.

 Peter outrunning explosions.

 He jumps through an office window and falls towards the streets below.

 Rubble crashes down around the pedestrians below and Stan "the Man" Lee saves a kid.

 Peter, having changed costume in midair, swings in and lands on a truck...
….which gets hit by an rpg and jackknifes, throwing it's occupants from the cab.
 Shoots a web net to catch the truck drivers.

 But gets shocked by one of Electro's electrical arcs.
 We see Electro in the distance.

 The flipped truck is still tumbling toward him, but another rpg blasts it aside.
 Saved by Kraven? (who I believe takes on a father figure role in the game, offering to take his skills to the next level, but at what cost?). We see Kraven the Hunter approach through the lens caps of Spidey's mask.

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