Sunday, June 14, 2015

Inktober 2015.

I did Inktober in 2013 and it was really great to do that kind of challenge, but coming up with a new sketch each night for a month gets really difficult, so to mix things up I chose a grab bag approach. I wrote down as many adjectives, verbs, and nouns of things I like to draw and things I don't, and chose three from a bag. I found this kept me from getting too repetitive and the challenge of working the three words into a single illustration was a fun challenge.

Spear, Janitor, Rain

Pirate, Princess, Contest

Actually, this might just be a random sketch.

Drugs, Running, Jungle

Obelisk, Dealer, Slum

Caveman, Hammer, Devious

Meat, Pirate, Elevator

Plane, Pet, Genious

Spy, Detective, Messenger

Duck, Tiger, Bounty Hunter

Vampire, Fire, Transformation

Elf, Robot, Woodsman

Prince, Robot, Bartender

Rabbit, Spy, Hacker

Girl, Jungle, Quicksand

Treasure, Princess, Idiot

Elephant, Pet, Tidal Wave

Zombie, Park, Boy

Beautiful, Dog, Scholar

 It was Halloween. I took a break from Inktober, but not from sketchin'.

Child, Lake, Fox

Valley, Rat, Skull

 Native American, Sad, Monster

Statue, House, Reptile

Vixen, Waterfall, Desert

 Spaceman, Prisoner, Running

Knight, Inventor, Moon

Half, Hole, Cave

Viking, Samurai, Teacher

 Monster, Ugly, Wizard

 Race, Alien, Hunter

Geisha, Ghost, Hammer

 Small, Portal, Oasis

Viking, Space, Water

Date, Volcano, Dream

Bad, Monk, Rider

Space, Alien, Janitor

Artist, Mountain, Leopard

Snowman, Barbarian, City

Sword, Skeleton, Mummy

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