Saturday, June 8, 2013

Additional Future Monopoly Designs.

My "Free Parking" structure. It kind of reminds me of Johnny Rockets. This was loosely based on several parking lot toys I've seen. I often find when stylizing things for "family" based properties, it helps to look not only at real life references, but at really little kids' toys, where they start to abstract down to only the most basic shapes. It makes making the jump to other styles an easier transition, while maintaining it's parking loty essence.

 Above are a series of empty lot "for sale" signs. Building on the idea of multiple levels and structures expanding and building themselves up level by level, we left the the surface as a translucent circuit board so you can see that there's a shaft below it the house/hotel might grow out of. I especially notice this now looking at the lot signs and trains, but aside from being more "family" friendly, we were really limited by time and budget and so we had to keep the shapes of our designs very simple. However, we ended up really putting a lot of time into the interior designs and textures, breaking things up with lifework, pattern, and color shifts. Our overall style owes a lot to these automatic constraints.
Future train designs.

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