Friday, June 14, 2013

Future Monopoly - Income Tax Building.

Whoa! Almost missed posting my favorite Future Monopoly design. I remember that this was one of the hardest designs to create. I mean really, what icon symbolizes Income Tax? The Income Tax Monopoly card symbol, a diamond within a diamond, didn't feel very powerful.

I tried some casino-esque varitions, and then some vault/fortress types with giant hands or pincers that would grab money, but nothing really looked well-considered. Still, we needed something oppressive, strong, and intimidating. I started with a box for the the building design since everything needed to fit within a rectangular perimeter. To make it oppressive, I tried to have the building literally look down on the player, so I just leaned a side out over the sidewalk and added a red eye sensor. The spire became an antenna and boom, the "big brother" evil machine overlord design was born!

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