Saturday, April 26, 2014

A touch of toy design.

While my assignments usually entail visual development for game trailers or something regarding animation, occasionally something else comes my way, in this case, 3 toy line ideas that would be a continuation of the toy designs used for Spinmaster's Zoobles. 


The Zoobles were doing very well, but were geared towards young girls and the goal of these pitches was to present ideas that would be geared towards young boys.

The first pitch was the "Meekos Miners," based on the idea of underground miners who use fun, vehicles to mine for valuable minerals and ore.

 The Zooble brand line's hook is that the faces transform to reveal an a cute face underneath - panels over the eyes often flip outwards to form ears revealing different colored eyes beneath.  We experimented with simple transformations of the vehicles the Meekos would operate.
 Also activated by the movement of the wheels/treads, a pincermobile and a steamroller pincermobile.
 A drilling tank where pushing it along the ground would cause the drill to rotate or move in and out of it's tube.
 A loading transport vehicle for carrying ore.

A combination vehicle. Three separate vehicles would come together to form a conveyor belt machine for collecting rocks and breaking them open to reveal the valuable ore inside.

 Magical crystal interior.
 Molecule interior.

Eventually, the idea evolved from just some kind of crystalline or molecular structure to something more fantastical and organic - the FLOWERZARD - rock encrusted boulders that break open to reveal strange plant life within.

We only had a few days to design our ideas and put a pitch together, but I think we came up with a lot of cool stuff and I hope more toy designs come my way in the future.

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