Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gridsmasher's Finale!

Here's the last of the concepts I created for Gridsmasher - the Smash Stadium interior concepts. This was one of the last things I worked on for this project, and since it was a combination of many of the other concepts I was developing, the variations occurred mostly in color. However, you can see that Grizz's observation tower went through a design change and a scale change. Originally, the director wanted it to look like it could be an old school giant robot that might as some point in the show activate and do battle against evil forces. However, it started to become very focal and so we simplified it to the lowest black and white sketch and shrunk it down so it wasn't so imposing.

Once we had the basic structural designs in place, the primary focus became choosing the mood and color palette. We knew that the goal was to have a lot of pop colors to maintain excitement and energy to simulate the most awesome event ever. In my first pass, I kept the light and materials fairly monochromatic so that the holograms would really stand out as bright warm colors against a very dark background of deep blues, blacks, and purples. In shows like Tron Uprising and movies like Speed Racer, I saw a great deal of success in using black and white as neutrals against which a lot of colors can be displayed.

However, this was a little too serious and dramatic. We changed tack to depict space not as a dark void, but as this fun and brightly lit place, so that when you're at a game, it feels like you're outdoors at a sports game during the daytime. Games like Homeworld or Wildstar have really beautiful palettes where space looks like a just a vast sky of color. I tried a bunch of different color palettes and different space vistas.

 This ended up being the guide for our project. An epic afternoon in space.

 I was still hanging onto my darks here. ;)

 I wasn't interested in painting space as sky blue, but leave no stone unturned.

Maybe a little atmosphere...

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