Tuesday, May 20, 2014


 Yup. Some more Gridsmasher artwork. It takes a lot to make an episode.

Above: Smash Stadium. This was the first concept to be developed for the show. It's probably the most important environment in the whole show. This is where the Gridsmash games take place - a giant floating stadium in space, complete with giant navigational rockets and spinning gyroscope. Add in a little Speed Racer Movie crazy light show and holographic adds and you've got it. The little dots on top are the bleacher pods that fly in from various planets.
 Not the most exciting, but I thought I'd attach a breakdown/callout sheet. While I try to do the most explaining that I can in a concept and the modelers I work with are quite talented, sometimes your intent is just not always that obvious, or in this case, a profile or 3/4 view leaves room for incorrect interpretation. I knew that the field would be a big oval, but I designed the base to be a big circle with a donut rim. I also find that drawing the orthographic views often reveals flaws in my design or shapes that are impossible to model and have it look like I intended in multiple views. People, it pays to take this step. Your 3D team will thank you.

Below: I submitted 3 ideas for the Smash Stadium with an emphasis on rockets, light shows, massiveness, holographic advertisements.

Fold out teletrons!

Announcer Droid
The Announcer Droid was designed as a pseudo narrator to explain the game to the viewers. It was thought of as part of the stadium, so it was determined to be a mechanical robot from the start as opposed to a biological or humanoid character.

  We eventually started adding a view human characteristics - eye cameras, the voice box where the mouth is, and rocks where legs might be.

We tweaked the designs and removed the rockets in favor of a little variety and wackiness. I kind of thought of it as a big shell with all sorts of hidden mechanical appendages that could come out of portals and hatches. Navigational paddles allowed for flight and gesticulating.

At one end of the grid field, Grizz would observe Johnicco's progress from his secret room at the top of a huge observation tower. The tower base didn't change much, but we went through several iterations for the top as we fiddled with the scale of the field and as the actual physical interior the puppet team created was being developed.

 At one point, Grizz would have his own little observation pyramid.
 Then it needed to be bigger.
Then the top became more pyramidal. We ended up placing the Gridsmasher logo dead center and putting Grizz's quarters as the top layer of windows.

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