Sunday, September 26, 2010

El Matador photos - art at high tide.

It totally looks like I'm painting waves here.
Ordinarily, I face my subject, but the sun would've been all over me, so I angled my canvas away from it. I see from this photo though that my palette was still in sunlight though. Rats.

You can see the size of my painting. I'd love to work bigger, but it's not convenient to carry. Also, below you can see that I haven't figured out a way to get a bigger palette, so I can't mix any more more paint than what you see.
While the tide is nice and cool on my feet, it starts to carry away my water bucket and my easel starts to sink. Notice that my legs are getting further and further apart so I can stay level with my canvas.
Hi guys, I didn't mention in my previous entry, but when we were at El Matador, there were at least two other groups of landscape painters there. A couple of artists were nice enough to take some photos of me trying to work as the tide was getting closer and closer. Thanks Maya!

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