Monday, September 13, 2010

Tahoe Paintings_Sept 01 to Sept 12, 2010

With a little time left in the day, I drove into the Nevada side of Tahoe to Spooner Lake. Freezing weather, but awesome scenery. Still victim to fast moving clouds and changing sunlight though.
Refreshed by a good night's rest, I painted this at Bijou Park. Awesome clouds that day, but they were moving so fast that it was difficult to paint a consistent lighting condition.

Part 2 of best worst day ever. Frustrated by my earlier difficulties, I decided to do one more before I hiked up from Emerald Bay. Of course one huge blast of wind hit right before I finished, spraying the panel with sand. You can see the one stroke's worth of blank canvas at the bottom. I took that as a sign, picked up my stuff, packed up my painting, and left.

Part of my best worst day ever. I hiked to the bottom of Emerald Bay and broke out one of my best paintings ever. Unfortunately, there are tremendous lake effects in Tahoe, and just as I was finishing, a huge gust of wind blew up and managed to slide the painting sideways out of my easel in face first into the sand. I scraped most of the sand off and repainted some, but it still came out a little dirty.
A quick painting at my cousin's house in Tahoe. I don't often do afternoon paintings, but I didn't arrive 'til late. The sunlight seems to change much quicker as it's setting.

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