Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pepe and Lucas - Posters and Postcards

Voila! Bet you didn't see this one comin'! The poster you see directly below is the face of Pepe and Lucas. We put up all of the mockups I created and talked about what we expected out of the poster and what just appealed the most. One of the things I liked most about this poster was how well the title fits in there. When I was designing highly narrative posters, I often drew the characters and just made sure there was space for a title somewhere. Here, the we managed to make the title a large element with plenty of breathing room, but we still have the opportunity to put all of the main characters on display as well as the environment. With everyone looking at each other like something's going to happen and the gazes creating that circular movement around the title, there's a nice air of mystery. I also just liked that we had a camera angle that I don't see often in movie posters.

We also did an alternate poster for festival promotions and giveaways etc. We chose this frame because it catches Pepe in one of those rare moments when he's vulnerable, and it offers a little bit of the world behind him. Our other motivating factor was that we'd used this image in an e-postcard and it always helps to be consistent in your imagery to give peoples memory a little kick.

Below, I've uploaded a couple of the main versions of our promotional mailer.
 Like a polaroid.
 The heavy black gave me the idea to play with the frame design like you might see in some old silent films.

 This is the one we ended up going with. Cropping in helped. So did reducing the contrast, which is the opposite direction I usually go in, but here seemed to helped clarify things.

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