Friday, August 1, 2014

Pepe and Lucas - The story continues...

Now you've seen virtually all the pre-production work that I was involved in to help bring Pepe and Lucas to life. However, we've created a few teaser pieces to expand the story in the future. I've already mentioned that in the world of Pepe and Lucas, all forms of performance entertainment other than magic have lost favor under the control of the Magician's Guild. Consequently, all the practitioners of those arts have been pushed to the fringes of society. Keeping that in mind, we wanted to expand the story to the world outside of Starlight City by sending the unlikely trio of Pepe, Lucas, and the Magician on a road trip. Their goal would be to escape the clutches of the ruling Magician's Guild and bring popularity back to clowning, miming, and all other entertainment forms in danger of becoming lost arts. Their trip would focus on returning to the places from their past that shaped them into the entertainers that they have become.

Traveling Circus

The traveling circus where Pepe grew up and learned his craft. Much like his gadgets, this multi-tiered big top on wheels is full of hidden gadgets and rooms. Driving from town to town putting on a show, waning audiences have caused it to fall into disrepair on the outskirts of town. What can our heroes do?

Mime Training Center

B/W study.

The massive rock garden surrounding the Mime Training Center, a school shrouded in mystery as well as mist. It lies abandoned at the top of massive balancing rocks. Only one with the gift can enter and only a master can leave.

I did a lot of b/w studies to get a sense of mood and atmosphere as we were really trying to establish a world that was full of epic places that were once great, but were now abandoned. I loved the middle column that had the most supernatural lighting, but we didn't want to introduce anything "magical" since that was the Magician's stock in trade, even if his power relied on smoke and mirrors.

At the center, a giant shrine to the deceased founders of miming. With no one left to care for it, the school is being absorbed by the wilderness.

Prop House

The prop house where the magician grew up dreaming big and learning the secrets of illusion making. Hard times have hit here as well. As time has passed, the expanding city has built a dense network of freeways over the area, leaving a once prosperous area forgotten.

Inside, the Magician makes his way through a surreal labyrinth of sets and props to the place where he decided to become the man he is.

I hope you like these pieces as much as I enjoyed making them. Hopefully, the future will bring further adventures into the world of Pepe and Lucas.

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