Friday, August 15, 2014

The Anniversary - House Designs.

The look of our short film was decidedly European, particularly Dutch influenced, although we didn't want to call out one particular nationality. We designed the house to belong to someone who lived in a small village. I kept the technology sparse and to help with the dour mood, I kept the lighting diffuse and the windows small. The lighting would be an eternal early morning overcast day.

Master Bedroom

 Eventually, I started to really steep the rooms in shadow with lights that barely illuminated anything. I painted wood materials as dark and rich so they'ed disappear into the shadows.

 You'll notice in several of the concepts that I angled the ceilings often. I found that it made each room feel a bit smaller and more claustrophobic and just slightly chaotic.



View from the doorway.

We played around with the view outside a fair amount since we'd really spend most of our time indoors, this was our only chance to describe the outside world other than the cemetery scenes.

 Closer to the countryside.

 We settled on a location that would be somewhere within the main village.

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