Friday, August 15, 2014

The Anniversary - The Cemetery

Walking to the Cemetery

The main outdoor views included a pathway on a hill up to a cemetery, and the cemetery itself. It needed to work as both a stark scene as well as a beautiful scene. I kept the hill pretty open so that the vastness of it could inspire one with wonder or make someone feel totally alone. The other reason is that I knew we'd be revisiting the same locations several times over the course of the short and it would make showing different weather situations much easier with an expanse of sky clueing us in immediately.

The Cemetery

I liked all of the variations for the cemetery, but the two black and white ones didn't feel as grounded in the same world I had been developing as the third one. I had designed them to be more intimate, but that made them feel cozier, and not lonelier and more desolate. I took a cue from my hill design and kept the view pretty open with the color version I've posted. The other odd thing I found is that with the vast expanse, you get a feeling of how small the cemetery is whereas in the black and whites, you never see the perimeter of the property, so it looks like you're just seeing a small part. Obviously, the fence in the color version helped too. ;)

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